Tuesday, February 05, 2008

visit to Hungary

We went to Hungary in the middle of January to visit the Hungarian family, since we missed them at Christmas. We took Wizzair from Eindhoven and flew into Budapest, then took a train to Szeged, where we stayed the first 4 days. Our mission was to visit our Hungarian grandparents, however we hardly saw either the oma or the opa. Both of them were working even on Saturday. Since we missed the goal of our mission, we tried to fill our time by visiting friends and going to the swimming pool.

A rózsaszínű csoda: Wizzair!

First we saw the Balogh family with 4! kids: Panna, Ábel, Illés and Mirkó, the 4 month old new-comer. Unfortunately, mama did not have a camera with her, so no pics of this event were made. We saw however, some nice tales on slides and the kids played a little together. It is amazing to see how big the difference is between a 2 year old and a 4 year old. But kids are the same everywhere. They love to play and enjoy company. At least these kids did.

Mandulatündér tükörben

The next day we went to the Bocsor family. Mandula and Timur played and ate together and they took even a bath. They both seemed to have fun. Timur, revealing his real Hungarian blood, joined the collective kolbász-eating, which resulted in filled bellies. All in all, it seems that Timur and Mandula can get along well together.



(de ne kérdezd, hogy a képek címei miért magyarul vannak)

Then came Friday, and we went to the swimming pool, since Timur enjoys water quite a lot. The Thermal was empty and we had a good time playing with a ball and swimming from one side to the other of the pool. We had finally dinner together with our Nagymama, who made chicken with mashed potatoes and the good old "befőtt" (homemade canned fruit). I can hardly remember when I ate last time befőtt. We also bought some children DVDs and filled the time with watching the Little Mole (Kisvakond) and Kukori és kotkoda. Well, kokonda as Timur calls this series of stories of a hardworking hen and a lazy, deadbeat rooster.

Pisti came to Szeged on Saturday and we were planning to visit the Nagypapa. But he called very early in the morning that he had no time to meet us. Oh, great! We had all the time in the world again. The boys, Timur and Pisti, went to sleep and slept couple of hours. I was making pancakes, Timur's all time favourite. The evening passed quietly.


On Sunday the nagymama wanted to relax, so we left for Budapest to meet more people. We made another unsuccessful trial on the way to see our Nagypapa in Hódmezővásárhely. We arrived in the evening at Zsuzsa and Bubu's place, where we were welcomed with delicious dinner. We spent 1,5 days with the duo. The boys, Bubu and Timur are nearly of the same age and they seemed to get along well. Of course, there were some disagreements at times. Bubu seems to be a relaxed kid, and Timur is filled with vibrant energy, fortunately not all the time. It was good to see the 2 kids together all day. Timur enjoyed Bubu's company and vice versa. Plea

kicsit homályos mama Zsuzsa és a 2 pizsamás lurkó

két kis manó répával és tűzoltóautóval

After getting on the airplane again, Timur was looking forward to come home, but we made a detour and stopped in Eindhoven. Timur was restless in Eindhoven and he hardly waited to see his father again. He had to wait another day before that could happen. We stayed at Szilvi and Johan's place, who are very calm and friendly people. Timur lost his patience couple of times. Or was I who lost her patience?

Bubu és Timur könyvet nézegetnek.
Bubu nyugalma hatással van Timurra.


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