Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mama's & papa's language

I think Timur is getting the idea that there are 2 different languages in the house. He was talking to Mathijs and he mentioned in his book the Dutch names of the animals. He came to me immediately afterwards and repeated the same in Hungarian. As if he wanted to check whether the "paard" was still a "ló", and the "kikker" a "béka", the "eend" a "kacsa" etc. Not all the words are clear yet, but we can now guess what he wants to say. He keeps on repeating the word if we don't understand him right away, and he is sooo happy when we understand him. The success of effective communication. Then we learn talking, we grow up and we realise that people still don't understand us. :) Well, we also talk to Timur about papa's and mama's language. I sometimes say a word and then I repeat it adding: "in papa's language".


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Well written article.


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