Wednesday, June 13, 2007

bad experience

Since at times it takes such a long time for Timur to fall asleep, especially when it's so light outside, we decided to take some measures and not stay with him until he fell asleep. He was breastfed and if he didn't fall asleep during breastfeeding, I said good night to him and left him on his own. He usually did not cry that much and fell asleep quickly. One day I heard him moving even after 10 minutes I left the room. I could not resist and went into the room to check what he was doing. Timur literally jumped on me and did not want to let me go. He was so happy with my presence. Of course, I stayed with him until he fell asleep. Today again, after 1 hour I had enough and wanted to leave. First he tried to keep me back by putting his head on me, or climbing on me, but I still tried to leave. He burst into such a painful cry that it nearly broke my heart. Imagine all those little babies, who cannot even do anything apart from crying to express their disappointment when they are left alone. I do not know whether this is a consequence of attachment parenting, or this is the same with each kid. Maybe, some of them just learn in time, that regardless what they do, their parents won't bother.

I think, a parent's heart is always a good compass. So, let's follow it.


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