Sunday, June 10, 2007

Creche - Nursery - Bölcsi

Timur goes 2 days, Tuesday and Wednesday to the nursery. He likes it there quite a lot and he is liked a lot too. He is a lovely little boy everywhere. (I hope this is not just mother's pride.) Timur started going to the creche when he was 10 months old and he is still in the baby group. He is one of the oldest in the group by now. Timur usually plays with the other 2 boys of his age, Nout and Armin, or if they are not there, he "entertains" the babies, or he is playing with the the other kids outside, at the nursery's playground. Most of them are older and bigger than him. (When I come to pick him up, I sometimes stop and watch how he is getting along with the others.) The older girls like to baby him and act like an older sister to Timur. They bring him a tissue and clean his nose when necessary, or give him a big kiss on his cheek. He is already popular with girls, what will happen later? Well, by all means, he is a pretty face.Top row left: Kitty (the group leader), the other ladies do not work normally at Timur's group and so I do not even know their names. Rajaa and Nadia the two other ladies being around Timur at the creche were not present on this day. I don't know the name of all the babies, so I rather leave those. Bottom row: after Timur comes Armin and Nout. They are the steady playmates of Timur.


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