Friday, June 08, 2007

Timur 20 months old

Photo made by a professional photographer at the nursery

Timur has become 20 months old this week. He is developing well and in his own tempo. He has 9 teeth at the moment. The books say that kids usually have all their milk teeth (20) around 1,5 years (18 months). So, he is a bit behind on the teething project, but never mind. Ami késik nem múlik (all is not lost that is delayed). He just takes his time as he did from the beginning on. Slowly, but surely he is getting there. He is in good health. He hasn't been sick yet apart from his running nose, but that's part of it. There is no way to avoid that. Timur is drooling a lot too and we have to make sure to have either something in his neck or change his clothes regularly. How easy it will be in the summer!

Timur has quite sophisticated motor response and he has good control of his movements. He is very energetic and adventurous. He is brave and looks for challeges. He likes being outside and running around in the open air quite a lot. This is the first thing he asks for after his breakfast. Fortunately, we can now go to our little garden that we have just cleaned up. When we are inside, he likes to look at books and he talks a lot in the meantime, but we cannot understand much of it yet. It's getting faster with sign language though. He is very perceptive and learns very quickly any new signs. He likes chasing the cats too and he got some scraches from Max again. Hopefully, he learned a lesson. Bors is very tolerant and the poor thing lets Timur "torture" her. We often have to interfere when Bors is complaining. Timur also likes cooking when we are cooking. He gets a pan and a spoon, some raisins or something similar to chase in the pan. He is sometimes allowed to stir the food in the pan when mama is cooking.

Timur on 10 June - photo taken by Oma

Timur is not a big eater, but he likes certain things quite a lot, e.g.: shrimp (on its own or as a filling in dumplings) kibbeling (fried fish), peas, sweet potatoe, bread with tahini or jam, French fries, pancake and his all time favourite is cucumber. He's not that much into fruits now, but he likes to eat mango. He is drinking a lot too and he uses sign language when he wants some water. Drinking from a glass goes also very well.

He does not like wearing diaper that much and he is interested in alternative methods. We were lucky so far, while cleaning the alternative places, but hopefully one day it will end up where it is supposed to be. So, far he sat on his fancy toilet only with his clothes on. He finds it strange otherwise. This proces takes patience from mama and papa.

Mama cut Timur's hair 2 times so far. Timur was ok with it for the first time, but for the second time mama had to do some acrobatics. Well, the result was worth it.

Timur still sleeps with us. One of the new achievements is that he doesn't get milk at night any more. He gets breastfeeding when he falls asleep and when he wakes up in the morning. This is a great relief to mama. Timur still wakes up for a short time at night, cries a little and then he goes back to sleep again. Good night!


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