Friday, June 08, 2007

Dag Lieve Gert!

Christmas 2005 - visiting Maarten at Zon & Schild, Timur still as baby

...snif, snif...this is difficult to tell... Our favourite uncle died in March. I haven't got to the point to tell this earlier yet. Uncle Gert was a great man. He was our most friendly and funny family member. He had a great heart and he always had some nice words to everyone. He usually greated others with a smile and with such words: "Dag lieferd!" or "Dag, lieve schat! Je ziet er goed uit!" He was always welcome at our parties and he was always appreciated by our guests.
Gert among the boys - Mark, Vinnie, Brent

He left us so suddenly that we could not even say good bye to him. Gert was already in narcose when we were informed that he was in hospital. No one expected that he would not come out any more. He was only 64, though he had plenty of fun and adventure in his life. He was lonely in his old age and it woud have been difficult for him on the long run too, since he had not built up much pension. But these are only excuses to liberate the pain in my heart. Gert's life was sitting in a bar, smoking marihuana, drinking sherry or bier and having wonderful conversations. He was also a very creative guy and made lots of beautiful objects. His first job was being a cook on long distance cargo ships to Africa etc. He travelled a lot and had friends, lovers all over the place. His dog, Jary, accompanied him everywhere and the poor thing is on his own now. His master, who took such good care of him left. Suddenly and quietly. His departure is a great loss and we could have spent more time with him. But it's too late now. ...Dag, lieve Gert! ...snif, snif...have fun in heaven!

Gert never refused another drink - and sometimes the evening got too long


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