Saturday, March 04, 2006

baby massage

I heard of the good effects of baby massage, so it was an easy decision to enroll for a baby massage class. Actually, I took a baby massage seminar at the Oerbron. It was held by an Indian lady, who taught us ayurvedic baby massage. We got some basic introduction to ayurveda and how it related to babies, how the different body types could be recognised and how to handle them when giving massage, what kind of oil to use etc. The training was very useful, partly theoretical, partly practical. Timur was the demo baby at the practical part and got a very relaxing echte ayurvedic massage. I massage Timur 2 times every week. He always gets a massage before his swimming class, because the oil keeps him warm and protects his skin from getting dry.

More about the Indian lady, who is also an ayurvedic doctor, and her activities:
More about baby massage:

I visited Alka, the ayurvedic doctor today and she looked a bit surprised when I said that I massaged Timur twice a week. She is right I need to pay more attention to him and get not so deeply involved in work and other voluntary activities. He is baby only once and I will feel sorry later on. She is absolutely right. I want to focus on the important things and not waste time and energy on researching. This is today's resolution.

By the way, it's also international women's day today. Long live us, women!! I want to become 90. Though I know, I have to slow down a little bit for that, eat and live healthy, meditate, do yoga and take time for precious things, such as myself and this little creature on my side, and of course, Mathijs.


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