Saturday, February 18, 2006

visit kinderboerderij - an olfactory experience

We went to the domestic animal farm/zoo in our neighbourhood. It was a rainy day, but I though it was time for Timur to start liking the rain too. In this country it's such an integral part of your life, that you must like it otherwise you better go live somewhere else. We took a big umbrella and walked to the park and the kinderboerderij. The pig there man, she is damn smart. It's no wonder that the pigs run the show in Orwell's novel. We had a conversation with the pig both when we arrived and when we left. Her place was next to the door.

The cow gave us a long lame look and then went back to eat. The little goats were very friendly. They were running free in the stable. We could stroke them and they were very curious and were sniffing at us. Timur was a bit reluctanct to touch them, he was looking around with open mouth, completely speechless from the sight of all those anymals (what a funny typo). He knew them so far only from his little book and I was imitating the sounds to make the experience audio-visual.

And of course the smell is unforgettable. The smell of rain, hay, fur and of course some fresh excreta. Hmm, wonderful! I did horse-riding for a while and the smell of horse stables stayed with me for the rest of my life. There were also 2 ponies standing outside in the rain, sadly looking at us. In another pen 4 sheep were aimlessly running around. 2 had white and the rest had dark faces. They seemed pretty scared of the umbrella. ...On the way home Timur fell asleep and slept couple of hours after this adventure.
When we got home Timur was fast asleep


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