Sunday, February 12, 2006

attachment parenting

A month before the birth I didn't know what/how I was going to do as a mother, I mean what kind of 'parenting style' I was going to follow. Of course, I had some ideas what to do with babies, since I was an au-pair for 2,5 years, but with your own child you want to do it right. I got some literature not only on pregnancy and birth, but parenting as well. Books such as, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, Successful Child, Baby Book, Oei, ik groei!, Babajelek, Baby Minds, Attachment Parenting, etc. This last book gave me direction and confirmed my motherly instincts. When I read this book I found everything so straightforward and following the ideas just came so natural to me. Seeing that Timur is a happy child, I feel confirmed in my choices. I feel good about being a mother and being an 'attachment parent'. They are right, if we pay attention to kids at this age, the rest will be much easier. I'm sure my efforts will pay off on the long run.

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