Sunday, February 12, 2006

the short story of The Box

We were both ambiguous about the Box. Mathijs called it 'prison'. I thought of it as a 'maybe useful item', but still, poor kids. We got a nice colourful box from the Nina.Bart.Palom.Co and due to our ambiguity, we didn't set it up for a while. When Timur started rolling around and he fell off the couch, we thought, it was the time to set up the Box to keep our beloved son safe. This was a mistake.

We got a sponge for the box and also lifted the bottom, sinced I couldn't get him out of there, it was so deep. He was in there once. We set up the mobile toys to play with. Then we put him in there once more. Everything went still good. When I put him there the third time, he rolled around. When he wanted to roll back he banged his head against the rails. He started crying out of pain. Ik was er klaar mee. This was the last straw on the camel's back. I decided to get rid of the box. We wrapped it up the same day and put it to our storage room downstairs, where we store our bicycles.

I heard today that the box is useful when kids learn to stand up. They can hold the rails and pull themselves up. Well, we'll see, we may still dig up that good old Box.


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