Monday, February 06, 2006

First time in the cinema

(I lost the first draft of this blog, this is the second one, less inspiring.)

We went to the Rotterdam Filmfestival last Friday. We took Greenwheels and also Nina with us. She was dressed so nice! The reason we went there was to watch a Hungarian movie (Nyócker), which I had helped subtitling. My old colleague, Ellen, asked me whether I wanted to do it with her. I think, we did a good job. It was difficult though, especially the songs. And there were plenty of them. This movie was the surprise on Friday night at 22.oo.

We had to be there, this was the Dutch permier of the film. Since we don’t have a babysitter yet, we took Timur with us. We thought he was going to sleep during the movie. He slept a little at the very end when he was already very tired. The loudspeakers were so loud, even for me. I was worried about Timur’s hearing, but Mathijs said (he knows everything) that it was ok. No damage done. I hope so.

Well, we had some drinks after the movie in a huge hall. Timur was awake, but very-very tired. He didn’t smile any more. He seemed to me a bit annoyed, but daddy said Timur enjoyed the party. Let it bee!


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