Sunday, February 18, 2007

co-sleeping seems to be a great success

As I mentioned earlier, we are practising attachment parenting and co-sleeping is an element of that. It seems not just great fun to Timur, but also a kind of reassurance that we are on his side every morning when he wakes up. Even if Timur ate a lot, "like a bouwvakker" during the day, he still demads breastfeeding at night, which I want to reduce gradually. (At least I think, I need to. New insights into attachment parenting have convinced me that I am doing ok and changing patterns is up to Timur. This is the point when the lady at the Consultatiebureau would say that I should not let myself be terrorised by my child.) Does not matter who says what, I feel that there is a bond between us that is very special and invaluable.


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