Friday, October 23, 2009

Herfstvakantie - visit to Texel

On the train to Den Helder

We went to Texel at the beginning of this week. We were extremely lucky with the weather and had a great time. We also visited Ecomare the seal and bird asylum and looked at the seals, also the sick baby ones, and the orphans. Timur was impressed by what he saw.

Crusing on water, enjoying life. Some of them were quite old,
at least 34 years of age for a seal sounded quite something to me.

This one was a very young orphan found at the beginning of
September on the beach. She looked very sad indeed.

Just stiking his nose out to get some fresh air...what a life! :)

We spent time playing on the beach, building sand castles and playing football with whatever we could find to kick and run after. Timur found it quite joyful to lie down in the sand and roll around. He just couldn't get enough of that.

We also ate fish, biked around, looked at the horses and the sheep in the fields, etc. It was just great to be there and forget about all the other responsibilities for some days.

Once we were on the beach and I was busy with putting my camera into my bag when I turned around and saw Timur walking towards me with a dead seagull in his hand. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at that moment. It was so grotesque. He was so excited: "Look mama, what I found!" was shining in his beautiful blue eyes. Fortunately, the seagull's head was no longer visible and it didn't look that dramatic, but I was still a bit concerned about all the bacteria and the illness one could get from touching it. Although we laughed quite a lot about it in the evening when we recalled the events of the day before falling asleep. It is just so easy to have great time with Timur. He is just joy, joy, joy from top to toe. I'm a very happy mother to have such a beautiful and great child!


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