Friday, October 23, 2009

Time flies and spare time seems to be so scarce... a result this blog stagnates. There is so much happening in this life that there is hardly any time to stop and do other things besides the daily routine. If something extraordinary happens than the rest of the issues are put aside which I need to catch up with afterwards. If a day had 35 hours and I needed to sleep only 8, then I could still fill my time. I cannot even think of those women who washed clothes with their hands and baked bread themselves. Nowadays we have all kinds of machines to ease our lives and we seem to have even less time. Isn't this a contradiction? ... Well, life is more complicated than that. Now we have to make money to be able to buy houses and big cars. Oh, that's so important for many. I'm not even pursuing those goals, but still there are certain things in life that I have simply no time for... and this blog is one of them.


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