Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tragic story of a friend... Let's light a candle for Hanna

Éva with Hanna
Thanks to the wonderful iwiw, another internet tool to connect people, I managed to get in touch with several old friends, with whom I lost touch in the past years. I met Éva at my first job ever. We were both young, inexperienced, but we shared several things and friendship immediately started. We had very good conversations, Éva always impressed me with her opinion. We also shared some crazy nights going out in Makó, where Éva comes from. I'll never forget those nights when we were going home around 6 a.m. and the néni's were already going to the market with their commodities to sell. All the bread was also baked at the bakeries and she smell of fresh bread filled the whole town. These are unforgettable moments.

Then we drifted apart. We both went to study different subjects, in different cities and we lost touch. We met again via iwiw and Éva has just wrote me an email telling about her family. She had a 1,5-year-old baby girl. One day the little girl vomited couple of times, because of some virus and Éva, as a worrying mother, took her to the hospital to get infusion against drying out. It took a while before the canule was connected to her leg. Hanna, the little girl, got better the first day, but then her condition became worse day by day. She had high fever, she got medicine against that and on the third day strange spots appeared on her face. Since medical care was obviously not at its best in Makó, they decided to take the girl to Szeged to the clinic. They had to wait 3 hours before an ambulance car came, but finally they arrived. Hanna died couple of hours later. She was diagnosed with blood poisoning (septicemia), which she got via the canule put into her leg.

What a stupid mistake of the hospital, and what a waste of a beautiful young, energetic creature. (Check out the pics on their website.) Such a great loss! And what a pain to take for the parents to bury their own child. Especially at such an early age. There was not even time to prepare for this, Hanna was gone in 4 days. ...

Éva has started a foundation, which is dedicated to Hanna. Their goals are very down to earth, but still ambitious, since they have to gather quite some funds to realise them. They would like to give all kinds of support to young parents. Besides, they intend to improve medical care by funding additional education and trainings, and by getting the proper equipments, etc. They would like that the pediatric department of hospitals become a more children friendly environment, and they want that professionals take measures to prevent medical malpractices by e.g. trainings and lectures on analysing the mistakes, drawing conclusions and improve the practices. Here is their website:

I wish them lots of courage, energy and support in their endevours.

Éva & Nádja (who will never meet her sister)


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