Friday, October 06, 2006

Timur 1 year old !!!

After all the craziness, we stopped today and dedicated the morning to Timur. We got some cakes, which we ate ourselves :) , since he spitted it out. He ate fruits instead, which made mother very happy. I wish he stayed like that. (We are very strict with sugar and Timur hasn't got any so far.)

Timur is a very active, adventureous, smiley and joyful little boy. He moves around a lot, chases the cats (not the girls yet), enjoys flipping the pages of books and looking at pictures. He tries to immitate sounds (and mother is sometimes dissappointed if she hears poe for cat and boe for book). He can also say words like baba, mama, papa, etc. It is obvious that Timur takes his time with taking the giant steps. He can already stand for the past 5 months, but standing alone is something he hasn't tried that often yet. There is no hurry. Will he always be such a mellow guy? All those irrelevant questions. :)


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